Friday, 9 March 2012


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This is my second entry in my simple and ordinary blog.
For the second class in telecommunication and networking class, Sir Razak told us about DATA TRANSFORMATION. Data transformation is data travel over a network in various characteristics, types, direction, timing and form. It consists of two signals which is ANALOG SIGNAL.-------à uses signals that are continues and exact replicas of a sound wave or image.

DIGITAL SIGNAL------à converted into binary code (1,0)

Then it also consists of
PARALLEL and SERIAL transmission like a circuit.


TRANSMISSIONS       : SYNCHRONOUSà organised into blocks or
groups and transferred at a regular specified

                                                                  : ASYNCHRONOUSà the process where
transmitted data is encoded with start and stop
bits, specifying the beginning and  end each of
the character ( every datas have their own ID)
                                                                  : ISOCHRONOUSàdata is sent at the same time as
types of real time applications.
Other than that, data transmissions also have three directions underneath which are SIMPLEX, HALF DUPLEX, FULL DUPLEX. 

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