Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ja Jang !!!! ^-^

Finally I got my own blog...!!!  YEAY !!!

Wahh!!  This is my first entry....
Actually my classmates and I were assigned by our telecommunication and networking Lecturer to create blog so that we can post anything regarding our life here and especially the subject of telecommunication and networking which we are taking right now.

During our first class with Mr. Razak which is our lecturer for that subject, he explain to us the course outline and all of our assignment. Then, the class continued by his first lecture. "WHAT IS COMMUNICATION?" "WHAT IS TELECOMMUNICATION?" "WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN COMMUNICATION AND TELECOMMUNICATION?" These were all the questions by him on that day. We were discussing all those questions until the end of our class and after that, went back to Hostel !!!!! 
after that.............u all know what will I do...